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Some Things To Look For
1. Are the staves running straight up or are they leaning?
2. Is the cane running perpendicular to the staves?
3. Is the gap between the staves just big enough for the cane?
4. Are the splices where a new piece of cane was added hidden?
5. Are the joints on the rims smooth and barely visible?

We guarantee that these issues will not be present in any of our products.....

Nantuckets Gallery

Shaker Gallery | Beaded Flower Gallery
We carry a wide range of products to suit a variety of budgets and tastes. Our most popular products are shown below. Please call or email for more information on products, current promotions and custom options.  (To expand a thumbnail view, please click on "pictures")

"Cape Cod" Purse


Nantucket Style  "Dreams of Flight"


Nantucket Style "Lightning Strikes"


Nantucket "Ice Bucket with Zebrawood Lid"


Nantucket "Hourglass Vase"



History Of The Nantuckets

In 1659 when the first white settlers came to Nantucket a need arose for storage and transportation of household wares. Basket making was one of the many skills that that the friendly natives taught the new settlers. These early baskets were made with materials that were readily available at the time, namely ash, oak, or hickory. These woods were made into splints by pounding and separating along the annual rings. This style of weaving baskets is the origin of many styles of baskets still produced today. Of all these styles perhaps shaker baskets most readily reflect their connection to the original methods and materials used by the early settlers.

In the 1830's, as the whaling industry started to flourish, ships sailed further and further from their home ports as local whale numbers dwindled. When ships sailed into the Pacific rim they brought back a material used for basket construction by natives in that part of the world, namely, rattan. Rattan is a long vine-like plant that looks much like bamboo except that it has a solid core.
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